OMTAS Medium Range Anti-Tank Weapon System

Outstanding Properties of the Product

OMTAS is an surface to surface anti-tank missile with infrared sensor head which has a range of 4 km used against armored targets, having locking in before/after firing and fire-forget/ fire -update.

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Basic Properties

  • Insensitive Ammunition (Level V)
  • Tandem Warhead Effective Against Reactive Armor
  • IIR Sensor Head
  • Locking Before and After Firing
  • Fire-Forget/ Fire-Update
  • Data Link with the Launcher
  • Smokeless Composite Propellant Technology
  • NSN Availability

Product Description

OMTAS, developed by Roketsan for infantry units, is a surface to surface anti-tank missile system. With the advanced technology it has, it is effective against all armored threats in the field.

OMTAS, with its 4 km maximum range and 200 m minimum range, can function in all weather conditions, day and night. OMTAS, which can be used in fire-forget and fire-update modes, with the elasticity provided by its target update capability, offers possibilities to fire in covered position, to fire at targets behind cover, to point precisely and to evaluate the effectiveness of the hit, can be used against fixed and moving targets.

Technical Specifications

Diameter 160 mm
Max. Range 4 km
Min. Range 0,2 km
Weight 35 kg (Composite Tune Included)
Propellant Type HTPB-based reduced smoke composite propellant
Warhead Type Insensitive tandem warhead effective against armor with reactive protection 
Guidance Imaging Infrared (IIR)
Target Types Heavily Armored/Armored Vehicles
Assault Types Directly from above
Launcher Imager System Thermal and TV Camera