107 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher

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Towed T – 107 MBRL is an excellent close range, intensive fire support weapon for alpine and commando units, thanks to its easy portability as complete or disassembled. Vehicle mounted 107 mm MBRL which can be mounted on very small and swift vehicles, easily provides close range and intensive fire support for small and rapidly moving units with its high mobility

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Outstanding Features of the Product

Product Description

107 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher Weapon System (MBRL) is a weapon system which can be used, day and night and in all weather conditions, as a fire support for maneuvering units. Towed T – 107 is an excellent close range, intensive fire weapon due to its property to be transported, complete or disassembled, on land surface as well as by helicopter, on board or under belly, together with its munitions or to be dropped with parachute together with 48 rounds of rocket.

Whereas vehicle mounted, 12 tube, classic 107 mm pod mounted T – 107 M MBRL and a very similar version 2 x 12 insulated pod MBRL and 3 x 20 insulated pod T – 107 / 122 MBRL models can thanks to their light and highly mobile 4 x 4 vehicles, easily support the operations of small and light maneuvering unites and provide continuous, intensive fire support to such units at close range

T – 107, Towed 12 Tube MBRL

T – 107 M, Vehicle 12 Steel Tube MBRL

T – 107 SPM, Vehicle Mounted, 2 x 12 Tube, Single Use, Insulated Pod MBRL

T – 107 / 122, Vehicle Mounted, 3 x 20 Tube, Single Use, Insulated Pod MBRL


Diameter 107 mm
Number of Barrels For 12 Insulated Pod (towed steel barrel and 12 insulated pod models) Depending on Vehicle
Number of Barrels Capacity Up to 60 (together with 3 x 20 tube insulated pod. See T – 107 / 122)
Barrel Length 88 cm
Ripple Fire Duration 0.5-0.9 sec
Elevation(Towed T – 107) 0-60°
Towed System Weight (unloaded) 385 kg
Gun Laying Manual (T-107 towed system and T-107M vehicle mounted. Optional for Other Vehicle Mounted MLRS’ as a Back-up Laying system) Automatic Laying (Vehicle Mounted MLRS’ Exluding T-107M)