T-122 MBRL, 122 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher

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T-122 MBRL is one of the most improved MBRL’s with modern sub-systems to provide lethal mass fires in support of the maneuver forces.


T-122 MBRL is able to fulfill its mission autonomously. T-122 MBRL has the NATO stock number and it is in Turkish Armed Forces inventory.

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Basic Features

Product Description

T-122, 122 mm MBRL is a weapon system used in artillery units which fulfills its fire support mission for maneuver forces by indirect firing against area targets, during day and night and in all weather conditions.

T-122 is able to provide continuous fires due to its on-board crane and 2 x 20 tube modular pod system which reduces the reloading time to minimum hence it can provide continuous fire support. T-122 is able to use classical 20 tube steel pods or 20 tube sealed and thermal insolated tropicalized composite pods which provide maximum protection against adverse weather and environmental conditions.

It has autonomously operation capability with its on-board crane, personnel carrying cabin, fire control system and navigation/laying system.

According to the user’s logistics structure and needs, it can be re-designed as a different version which could has different sub-systems including platform (vehicle), radios, power sources, navigation system etc.  in various brands and models.


Diameter 122 mm
Number of Tubes 2 x 20
Tube Length 3 m
Ripple Fire Duration 20 sec
Elevation 0-55°
Deflection 110°
Weight ~23 ton
Length 9.20 m
Width 2.50 m
Height 3.10 m
Vehicle 6 x 6 Tactical Truck
Gun Laying Automatic Fire Control System Manual Backup
Crane Capacity 15 ton
Stabilization 4 Hydraulic jacks
INS/GPS 10 m Pozition and 1 Mils Azimuth Accuracy