T-122/300 Multipurpose and Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) System


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T-122/300 MBRL is a Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System which can launch both 122 mm and 300 mm rockets with a high mobility and high firing speed

Outstanding Features of the Product

Basic Properties

Product Description

T-122/300 is a Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher system possessing a superior firing power which can effectively hit critical targets at depths from 3 km to 100+ km by throwing 40 rounds of 122 mm rocket or 4 rounds of 300 mm rockets in a very short time.

The system automatically detects and identifies the type of the rocket loaded. Since 122 mm and 300 mm rockets used in the system are kept in and fired from insulated pod, the shortest loading time and maximum protection against weather and ambient conditions are achieved. Besides the present 122 mm and 300 mm rockets, T-122/300 MBRL, with its infrastructure and modular configuration is ready to use the new rockets and missiles of the future.

T-122/300 launcher platform is a 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 tactical vehicle which may be chosen according to the logistic infrastructure and requirements of the customer. It is equipped with mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment required for performing steps and functions, such as; mission planning and tactical assignment, ballistic calculation, pointing etc.

T-122/300 can carry out duties with a crew of only two men, by means of the fully automatic weapon control, navigation and pointing systems it is equipped with, those being the launcher commander and the driver. According to the logistic infrastructure and the requirements of the user, various versions may be designed which are equipped with subsystems in different makes and models, such as communication systems, power supplies, navigation systems etc. including the vehicle

Technical Specifications

Diameter 122/300 mm
Number of Barrels Insulated Composite Pod
Number of Barrels 122 / 300 mm
Number of Barrels 40 (2 x 20) 122 mm
Number of Barrels 4 (2 x 2) 300 mm
Ripple Fire Duration 0.5 sec (122 mm Rocket)
Ripple Fire Duration 6 sec (300 mm Rocket)
Vehicle 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 Tactical Wheeled
Pointing Weapon Management System
Pointing Automatic Direction
Stabilization 4 Hydraulic Jacks
Navigation System Inertial Navigation System / Global Positioning System